Mark G.

Managing Director

Mark is one of the founding partners of Alien In-Line and oversees the day to day operations of the business.

Education & Accolades:

– Masters of Science, in Kinesiology (Motor Learning)

– Bachelors of Science, in Kinesiology

– SkateIA Level 2 Certification

– IISA/ICP Certification Level 2

– NCCP Level 3, Speed Skating

– 1988 & 1992 U.S. Speed Skating Olympian

Favourite style of skating: Speed Skating

Favourite skating trick: Backward Powerslide

Bill W.

Booking Manager

Bill has held many positions in the company over the years and currently manages all of our program bookings and school relations. Bill started out in education as a teacher for 3 years, followed by his time as a Physical Education Consultant for the next 12 years in two different school districts, to move onto Vice Principalship for the next 19 years at 5 different schools in the Red Deer Public School District.

With Alien In-Line since 2002

Education & Accolades:

– Bachelors of Education

– NCCP Level 3, Speed Skating

Favourite style of skating: Speed Skating

Favourite skating trick: Shoot the Duck & Silver Surfer

Christine M.

Operations Manager

Christine started with us as an Inline Instructor in 2017, coming from the world of Roller Derby. Christine is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all Alien equipment and vehicles as well as coordinating the equipment transfer logistics for all inline programs.

With Alien In-Line since 2017

Education & Accolades:

– SkateIA Level 2 Certification

– SkateIA Examiner

Favourite style of skating: Flow-style city skating

Favourite skating trick: 3-Turns

Scott v.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Scott started with us as an equipment technician in the warehouse for a few years before transitioning to contract graphic design work while in university. He is now the Communications Manager, handling the website, social media, marketing and advertising, as well as all of the digital initiatives.

With Alien In-Line since 2014

Education & Accolades:

– Bachelors of Design, in Photography (with Distinction)

– SkateIA Level 1 Certification

– NCCP Level 2, Speed Skating

Favourite style of skating: Speed & Marathon

Favourite skating trick: Corvo

Debby F.

Speed Skating Manager

Debby manages all of our instructor training, curriculum, and professional development to help us remain the best instructors in the world. Debby also oversees and helps instruct the School Speed Skating Program.

With Alien In-Line since 2010

Education & Accolades:

– Bachelors of Physical Education

– SkateIA Level 2 Certification

– NCCP Level 4, Speed Skating

– Speed Skating Canada Hall of Fame Inductee

– Speed Skating Canada 2021 Coach of the Year

Favourite style of skating: Speed Skating

Favourite skating trick: Daffy

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