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Inline Skating Program FAQ

The following video is intended for use by schools in preparation for an Alien In-Line school program. The video outlines special rules that Alien In-Line has developed for skating in schools, an overview of how to properly use the skates and protective gear, and finally, a little bit about what to expect throughout the program. By taking a short time to view this video with students in advance, schools can be better prepared to take full advantage of Alien In-Line programs and maximize skating time when our equipment and instructor arrive. Additional questions regarding our programs can be answered by contacting us directly. We’d also love to hear your feedback following the completion of one of our programs! Thank you and we hope you enjoy your Alien In-Line program!

Accidents/First Aid

Please treat any accident requiring medical attention as you would in any physical education class. Although many of our instructors are trained in first aid, students and parents are more comfortable with the resources they are familiar with at your school.


Class Size

Alien In-Line is equipped to provide all equipment to all students in classes of up to 30 students except for Kindergarten Classes which can have a maximum of 25 students.  Class sizes over 30 students may be accommodated with advance notice but are subject to equipment availability.

Double classes with up to 60 students include two instructors and two sets of equipment may be booked, subject to the size of your gym(s) and equipment availability.  Double classes MUST be booked in advance.  Double classes are not recommended for Kindergarten.

Exceptionally large classes or special events with more than 60 students are possible if booked far enough in advance to ensure equipment and instructor availability.

For free skate / open skate (non-instruction) please see Family Night Skates.


Equipment Storage

We will require a secure equipment storage area for the duration of your program, which can be locked overnight. Most physical education equipment storage rooms work well for this purpose.


Equipment Theft

Your school will be invoiced for any significant loss of our equipment during your program that can be attributed to theft of equipment by participants. You will not be held liable however, in the event of break-in or other loss that occurs outside the hours of the program, provided that reasonable precautions have been taken (locking of storage room, storage room access limited to staff and supervised others, etc.) to secure our equipment.


Fire Alarms and Drills

We ask that if at all possible that you avoid scheduling fire drills during the time we are at your school. In the event that there is an unexpected activation of your fire alarms (fire or false alarm) during our program, Alien In-Line instructors will assist your staff in supervising the quickest, safest evacuation possible. Our staff must be provided with any special policies or procedures related to fire drills and/or evacuation procedures prior to the start of the program.


Gym/Facility Preparation

We ask that your gymnasium be as free as possible of tables, chairs, desks, or other items that may create hazards or cause accidents.  The gym floor must be clean and dry prior to the start of each instructional day.  If your gym is used for eating at lunchtime, please plan to have the floor clean and dry in time for our first afternoon class.



We ask that you provide a timetable of classes that we will be teaching, including the following information:

  • day of week
  • start of each period
  • end of each period
  • grade of class
  • number of students per class
  • teacher name
  • lunch and recess times

We have years of experience making efficient inline skating schedules.  Call us for assistance in planning a smooth-running program!

We strongly recommend class periods of 1 hour but are able to instruct classes as short as 55 minutes.  Remember that any additional class time over 55 minutes is pure skating time, as the gear-up and gear-down periods remain the same regardless of class length.

If you will be offering the Alien In-Line program to younger students (K-3) we ask that you schedule classes of older students between classes of younger students if at all possible – and use the older students to assist the younger students with skates and equipment.


School Staff / Class Management

A member of your school staff MUST be present at all times during the presentation of our program. Most school boards require us to immediately stop instruction in the event that your assigned staff member(s) are not present.

Although we rarely experience serious discipline problems during our programs, we do rely on your school staff member to be present and manage such incidents. Students ALWAYS behave better when their everyday teachers are present.

Please be aware that class conduct and program efficiency are driven by student behavior. Classes that listen well, follow directions, and gear up efficiently will get more skate time than classes that do not.


Skates for Teachers

Your school staff is welcome and encouraged to put on skates and join in the activity if they wish to do so.  Some adult-sized equipment is included with the program; extra adult skates, larger adult skates, and large protective equipment can be provided at no charge on request. Please include your teacher skate request in writing when you submit your program time-table so they can be included with the rest of the program equipment delivery.


Equipment Size and Quantity

A normal range of skate sizes are provided based on our experience with classes at your grade levels. Sizes are labelled in US Men’s sizing only. To convert to Women’s, add 1 size (i.e. Men’s 3 = Women’s 4). If your skate needs fall outside of the equipment specified for your grade range, please contact our program manager at least 10 days prior to your program at 403-262-4404.

  • Grade K-6
    • 40 certified multi-impact helmets (various sizes XS-XL)
    • 30 sets of protective equipment per size, sizes XS-S-M
    • 60 pairs of floor-friendly adjustable inline skates
      • Sizes from US Child’s 11 to US Men’s 10
  • Grade 7-12
    • 40 certified multi-impact helmets (various sizes XS-XL)
    • 30 sets of protective equipment per size, sizes S-M-L
    • 55 pairs of floor-friendly Rollerblade inline skates
      • Sizes from US Men’s 2 to US Men’s 14
  • Family Night Skate
    • If your school already has an Alien In-Line Program at the time of the Family Night Skate, a second fleet of equipment will be delivered. If your school does not have Alien In-Line instruction at the time of the Family Night Skate, two fleets of equipment will be delivered.  The total amount of equipment in either case will be:
    • 80 certified multi-impact helmets (various sizes XS-XL)
    • 60 sets of protective equipment per size, sizes XS-S-M-L
    • 120 pairs of floor-friendly Rollerblade inline skates, sizes from US Child’s 11 to US Men’s 14

Helmets are intended as a supplement for students who do not have their own.  All students are strongly encouraged to bring their own certified helmet.

Additional equipment is available on request, subject to availability.

Extra-Large Skates up to US Men’s 17 are available on request.



A 10% deposit is required to confirm program dates. You will receive an invoice for balance due prior to your program’s first day. All program fees are payable in full upon completion of program unless alternative arrangements have been made in writing. Please call 403-262-4404 if alternative arrangements are required. All payments should be mailed to Alien In-Line.


Volunteer Helpers

Although not required, the assistance of volunteer helpers such as parents or older students is a great asset and can help you get the most from your investment in our program. Helpers most often assist students in putting on and taking off the protective gear and skates but can help in other areas as well.  Parent and older student helpers can greatly decrease the amount of gear-up and gear-down time which will maximize the amount of skating time for each class, especially for Grades K-3.

Gym Strip

Requiring students to change into gym strip is optional for Alien In-Line programs. We do however, find that programs run more smoothly, and equipment goes on more easily if your students DO change. Most students change into their gym strip very quickly for our program, and we seldom lose any actual skating time when they do.


Protective Gear Policy

Alien In-Line adheres to a STRICT protective gear policy. All participants MUST wear a helmet, kneepads, elbowpads, and wrist guards at all times while on skates. This applies to your school faculty, staff, substitutes, and volunteers as well as to students.



Alien In-Line requires that all participants wear socks while using our skates. Please be sure your students wear or bring socks to class. Many elementary classes walk to the gymnasium in their sock-feet (leaving their shoes in the classroom) to save time and clutter. If you choose this practice for your school please remember that floors may be slippery and be sure students do not run inside the school.


Protective Gear Cleaning

Alien In-Line protective gear is washed weekly or more often as needed.  Protective gear bins are stored open whenever possible to allow the gear to breathe.



Shared headwear has been indicated as a potential agent in the spread of head lice. For this reason  ** we strongly recommend that students bring in their own certified helmets whenever possible.**

Any student who owns a bicycle or inline skates should own a helmet; participation in our program may be an opportunity to communicate to parents of those who do not own a helmet that the purchase of a properly fitting CSA approved helmet may be the most important sports equipment purchase they can make for their child!

Medical-grade, breathable Bouffant Caps (Hairnets) are available for any Alien In-Line program to wear underneath helmets and prevent head lice transmission.

Alien In-Line helmets are disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution and are periodically disassembled and hand-washed.

Although we are equipped to provide certified multi-impact helmets for classes up to 30 students, we strongly encourage students to bring their own certified cycling / skateboard / skating helmet if possible. This saves time in the fitting process and allows us to ensure that the helmets your students are using every day are properly fitted and adjusted.

Not all helmets are suitable for inline skating such as Football, Motorcycle, or climbing helmets. 

The Alien In-Line Instructor will decide what is suitable.


Students Using Their Own Equipment: Skates & Protective Gear

At the discretion of your school, students are welcome to bring in their own equipment.  Be aware that their skates and protective gear may not be as “floor friendly” as ours, and that we are not responsible for damage caused by skates not provided by Alien In-Line.

Skates brought in by students must have soft urethane wheels; hard plastic wheels are not safe to use indoors and may damage the gym floor.  Skates brought in by students must have a non-marking soft rubber heel brake; hard plastic heel brakes are not safe to use indoors and may damage the gym floor.

Students’ protective gear from home must be suitable for inline skating, floor-friendly, and provide a level of fit and protection that is equivalent to Alien In-Line protective gear.

The Alien In-Line Instructor will decide what is suitable.


Non-Participants / Non-Skaters

We hope that all students will participate in our program, but we realize that for whatever reason some students will choose not to. We request for safety reasons that these students and all other non-skating personnel (other than the faculty member responsible for each class, appropriate observers, and volunteer helpers) not be present in the gymnasium at the time of our program.


Parent Observers

Parents are always welcome to observe the Alien In-Line program during our stay at your school. There is no need to notify Alien In-Line of dates and times when parents are expected.

Perform a thorough gear check

Always check your gear before a skate to make sure it fits and is functioning properly. Check your helmet for any cracks or loose straps. Check your skates for loose axles, loose frames, and worn brake pads.


Take a lesson

Learning to skate properly from an expert can provide you with tips and information that can help you skate both smarter and safer.


Use all the gear, all the time

Inline skating protective gear was designed for the specific purpose of protecting you while performing a sport where you can reach speeds in excess of what your body was designed to absorb should you lose control and fall. Protective gear shields specific areas that are known to take the brunt of an impact.  The helmet is the most important piece of protective gear that you can wear. Bones usually heal and skin grows back, but an injury to the brain can create issues that are not so predictable – always, always wear a helmet when you are skating.


Be aware of the weather/conditions

Wet pathways, ice and snow, leaves, branches, sand, gravel, oil, and pavement cracks / potholes are all safety concerns for inline skaters. Inline skating takes a bit more awareness to perform than walking or running. Think ahead, be aware of your surroundings, speed, changing weather conditions, and terrain.


Skate within your ability

Many inline skating injuries are caused by skating above the skill level of the skater.  Skating within your ability means to maintain a level of control and speed where you are always able to stop or maneuver around obstacles and respond to changing conditions.  Avoid hills and inclines if you have little experience with them.


Wear visible or reflective clothing when skating at night

Night skating can be fun but it can be difficult to see and for others to see you.  Always use a headlamp when skating at night and wear light colored or reflective clothing so that you are visible to others.


Don’t tow or be towed

Being towed on vehicles can be deadly.

Being towed by dogs or other animals can be dangerous for you and them. Their paws are not designed to take the punishment of towing someone on a pathway and can be damaged by such activities, not to mention the danger of a leash crossing in front of an oncoming pathway user.  In many places, such activities are also illegal.



Rules of the Road


Safe skating’s a snap when you remember to SLAP!




Skate Smart

* Always wear your protective gear—helmet, wrist protection, elbow pads, knee pads
* Master the basics—striding, stopping, and turning
* Keep your equipment in proper working order


Skate Legal

* Obey all traffic regulations. When on skates, you should consider yourself to be subject to the same obligations as a cyclist or a driver of an automobile


Skate Alert

* Skate under control at all times
* Watch out for road hazards

* Watch for people
* Avoid water, gravel, and sand
* Avoid traffic


Skate Polite

* Skate on the right, pass on the left
* Announce your intentions by saying, “passing on your left!”
* Always yield to pedestrians

Why does Alien In-Line charge on a per day basis rather than a per student basis?

Alien In-Line’s pricing structure is designed to reflect the actual costs involved in providing service to schools. These costs do not change with fluctuations in class sizes. We also find that it is very difficult to verify participant numbers for per-student billing and prefer a flat-rate fee structure for that reason.

Alien In-Line program consultants can easily calculate how many program days your school needs to book and what your per-student cost will be – just email us!


Does Alien In-Line allow students to skate with music and lights?

We usually play music for the free-skate portions of the Alien In-Line program for students’ entertainment.  Most schools in Alberta already have a gymnasium sound system that is suitable for this use.  Portable sound systems are available on request, subject to availability.

Our focus is on quality instruction and providing a skill-based program. Lights and sound can be incorporated to add atmosphere to the lesson once fundamentals have been achieved.

On request, Alien In-Line can provide a Family Night Skate where the focus is participation with your family members to music and lights in a fun filled environment! 

Please see Family Night Skate for more information.


How many skating sessions should our students take?

Although there is no set number of sessions required for an Alien In-Line program, we generally recommend booking your program so that each student skates for a minimum of three one-hour sessions.

Some schools will decide to provide 4, 5, or 6 sessions for their students. This is usually a school decision.

Programs have ranged from a single session as a reward for School Safety Patrol volunteers to larger schools that run Alien In-Line programs every day for seven straight weeks!


How long should each session be?

We strongly recommend class periods of 1 hour but are able to instruct classes as short as 55 minutes.  Remember that any additional class time over 55 minutes is pure skating time, as the gear-up and gear-down periods remain the same regardless of class length.

If your school operates daily PE for ½ hour each day, you can simply alternate two classes for the period of our program and get each class skating for a full hour every 2nd day instead of ½ hour each day.

For Junior High and High School we are able to operate under the bell schedule and can manage classes as short as 55 minutes if required.


Does Alien In-Line provide protective gear and helmets? What about hygiene and head-lice?

Alien In-Line would never dream of allowing a single student to skate without appropriate protection. We provide knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and helmets and strictly require their use.

Protective gear is washed regularly for comfort and hygiene.

Even though we provide sufficient helmets for use by all students, Alien In-Line strongly encourages students to bring in their own certified helmets whenever possible as their best defense against head lice.

We have prepared a letter that schools may send home to parents which discusses the issue further.

Please see the Program Guidelines Tab for full equipment details.

Please see the Health & Hygiene Tab for full health and hygiene details.


Is Alien In-Line on the list of program providers approved by the Calgary Board of Education and/or Calgary Catholic School Board?

Yes to both.

Alien In-Line has signed the “General Agreement” required by the CBE.

Alien In-Line has been listed on the CSSD’s letter of recommended program providers since 1995.

We carry participant liability insurance coverage and have an impressive safety record.


Are students allowed to use their own skates during the Alien In-Line program?

At the discretion of your school, students are welcome to bring in their own equipment.  Be aware that their skates and protective gear may not be as “floor friendly” as ours, and that we are not responsible for damage caused by skates not provided by Alien In-Line.

Skates brought in by students must have soft urethane wheels; hard plastic wheels are not safe to use indoors and may damage the gym floor.  Skates brought in by students must have a non-marking soft rubber heel brake; hard plastic heel brakes are not safe to use indoors and may damage the gym floor.

The Alien In-Line Instructor will decide what is suitable.


What if my school has a small gym? What if my school has no gym?

Many neighbourhood community centres and dry arenas allow inline skating and can be used to host Alien In-Line programs.  Alien In-Line programs can also be done outdoors (see below). 


Can Alien In-Line programs be done outdoors?

Yes!  The Alien In-Line program may be done outdoors provided that your school has informed us in advance of any outdoor programming.  Outdoor programs are weather dependent – we cannot skate in the rain or snow, or below 0°C.  Outdoor programs are recommended for the early fall and late spring.

Pathway skating is very popular with our highschool clients and we know many suitable pathway locations that can be accessed either directly from the school or via a short bus ride.

Elementary schools may also skate outside if you have a paved area like a basketball court or parking lot.  The concrete or asphalt must be in good condition (smooth), reasonably level, dry, and free of sand and gravel (swept or sprayed off).

Not sure if your outdoor space is suitable?  Call us and we will come and evaluate in person!


How many instructors are provided with Alien In-Line programs?

One certified Instructor is assigned for a typical program day with classes of approximately 30 students. The Instructor is on skates throughout presentation of the program. Multi-Instructor programs are available upon request.


What are the qualifications of instructors employed by Alien In-Line?

Alien In-Line instructors come from many areas of the sport, recreation, and education field. Some are recent University graduates gaining valuable in-school teaching experience before seeking teaching jobs, some are high-performance athletes working towards careers in coaching, others are from the sport of inline skating, and some just love working with kids.

Alien In-Line is proud to have had three of our past instructors return to University, complete an Education Degree, and become Teachers!  We currently have three more of our past instructors in the process of obtaining Education Degrees and look forward to adding more Teachers to our alumni in the near future!

Instructors are put through a challenging training program, including mentorship by senior instructors and direct supervision by our Program Director. 100% of Alien In-Line skate school Instructors are certified through our affiliation with Skate IA (Skate Instructor’s Association), a North American professional organization for training and certifying inline skating Instructors.  This ensures that the most up-to-date programming, techniques, and teaching methods are utilized by Alien In-Line instructors.

See our About Us for more information on Staff and Instructors.

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