Alien Skate Club

The Alien Skate Club program is lead by Alien In-Line Master Instructor Shaun Unwin.  The “Skate Ninja” Program is a revolutionary approach to teaching fundamental skating skills as a part of a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Alien Skate Club is aimed at children with a basic level of skating skills aged 6 to 12.

The mission of Alien Skate Club is to develop skating skills while having fun!  We introduce a variety of skills and activities on skates intended to keep learners engaged and challenged through a unique multidisciplinary approach to developing skating.  The Alien Skate Club schedule is one, 1-hour session per week, for 10 weeks – designed to be both convenient and balanced for busy families.  Alien Skate Club will make you a better skater and you’ll truly enjoy your time in this one of a kind program!

The skating proficiency gained during Alien Skate Club is a foundation for all skating sports and activities.  Skating disciplines such as street, pathway, speed, artistic, freestyle, hockey, urban, aggressive, slalom, and skate park will be explored.

The Skate Ninja Program also exists to help inspire kids to embrace inline skating as a happy and healthy life skill.  Being part of Alien Skate Club can teach us so much about experiencing success and bouncing back from failure.  We learn to take calculated risks and deal with the consequences; we learn to be an individual and a teammate.  These are valuable life lessons that kids miss out on when they quit traditional sport clubs and associations.

Now registering for our October - December session!

Once a week, for ten weeks, on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm @ Montgomery Community Centre

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