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Are you a square peg trying to meet a round hole?

Are you upside down in a world full of right side up?

Can you kick it? Yes, I can. In the skating community, anybody can.

How did I get so lucky? I slipped into a life that fills my cup. I learned long ago when there are wheels on my feet I smile more. I rolled into Calgary and had no idea my Alien In-Line job was waiting for me.

Where would I be without the Wizard skates I’m in now? If I had talked myself out of rolling into @shoptaskvancouver and asking if they could help me truly enjoy rolling the Seawall. If I wouldn’t have accepted Leon’s unbelievable gift of trying his Wizard rental skates. If I wasn’t bold enough to know that every skate after that would be me wanting to skate on Wizard frames again. If I wasn’t brave enough to roll into @shaun_unwin at Shop-Task Calgary and strike up a deal. I worked hard that summer for my first Wizards.

Shaun and I gutted a pair of @sebaskates and blessed them with @intuitionliners. These Wizard frames that I worked so hard for have been passed down through the @alieninline ranks. They are 1 of 6 prototypes. I remember Gabriel showing them to me – he’d painted them black. He then moved up in wheel size and out of our orbit. (If you see Gabe please tell him I say hi and thanks for being him). After that I believe @shr3dd had a roll on ‘em. He did the polish (after removing the black). Am I right Justin?

I’m sure these frames have more stories and if you know one please share.

I see @leonbasin‘s story and all the frames he’s made. Wow. With his finger on the pulse I can’t help but vibrate thinking about what is to come for inline skating. Thank you for sharing and loving skating Leon. You are a legend. You make legendary experiences on wheels and for this I am forever grateful.

I’ll be praising @wizardskating for life. Now if you ask me to choose between my Wizard NR90’s and my Wizard PR72’s I’ll ask you to choose between left or right. They both have their perks. If I was you, I’d want them both.

Now I see the guys @themskates making pro model skates for @dannybeer and I’m dreaming again. You never have to look far to be inspired in the skate community. 

How could I not be grateful for this skate life? For the people pushing the ceiling of skating equipment and making skates that change lives. I pinch myself. This is my life on wheels.

My advice is if you are ever in a city with a Shop//Task, stop in.  Ask them about skates; inquire about rentals.

Expand your skate community.

The more you like your skates the more you’ll like skating.

Alien In-Line carries @rollerblade skates and they are awesome too.

If you have any questions about inline skates, Alien In-Line is, and has always been, there to help you out. In fact, if you see any skate shop anywhere stop in. We all want to help you love skating as much as we do.

Skating changed my life, let it change yours.

Keep calm and skate on.

Jenna Slater

Jenna Slater

Master Instructor

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