If you are a Sport Calgary member, and would like to participate in the program, click on the image above!

Alien Electrostatic is pleased to announce a special opportunity for Sport Calgary Member Sports. Through a sponsorship with Alien Electrostatic, members can obtain complimentary use of a Victory Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer and EFASCIDE botanical disinfectant for use in their sport programming, events and development efforts. Electrostatic disinfecting has been effectively used alongside masking and other preventative measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission and infection. Alien Electrostatic is the sister company of Sport Calgary Member Alien In-Line, provider of skating programming for over 27 years throughout Western Canada. 


Alien Electrostatic & Alien In-Line Managing Partner Mark Greenwald had this to say about the “Return to Sport” partnership, “COVID-19 challenged us all in sport to innovate and find new methods to operate safely, especially for the smaller sports. Alien In-Line was especially impacted due to our significant presence in schools working and with youth. We battled back with an extensive COVID-19 “Master Plan” Operating Policy, early adoption of sport appropriate masking, and the research and implementation of best practices disinfecting. Our desire to partner with Sport Calgary in making such technology available to Sport Calgary Members is to share what we’ve learned for the benefit of all sport in Calgary.”


The equipment provided through this program can be booked by authorized sport representatives in advance by contacting Sport Calgary and retrieved at the Sport Calgary Offices. Alien Electrostatic has also launched a special “Return to Sport” webpage to support the program and provide information, as well as a sprayer orientation and demo application video for Sport Calgary members taking advantage of this program.

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