Alien In-Line Program Orientation Video

The following video is intended for use by schools, in preparation for an Alien In-Line school program visit. The video outlines special rules AIL has developed for skating in schools, an overview of how to properly use the skates and gear, and finally, a little bit about what to expect throughout the program. By taking a short time to view this video with students in advance, schools can be better prepared to take full advantage of AIL programs, as well as maximize skating time when our equipment and instructor arrive. Finally, this video can be streamed or downloaded and played back at a later time using a variety of viewer applications. Additional questions regarding our programs can be answered by contacting us directly. We'd also love to hear your feedback upon completion on one of our program evaluation forms here. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your Alien In-Line program!

Video with Music:
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Video without Music:
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