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Alien Skate Club — Skate Ninja Program - Register Now! Coached by Alien In-Line Master Instructor Shaun Unwin, the mission of Skate Club is first and foremost !FUN! while at the same time developing participant's skating skills through a variety of techniques and by introducing a number of skating disciplines for young skaters to try. Skate club is run in the format of a 12 week program, with a weekly 1 hour session intended to be both convenient and balanced for busy families with many time commitments. Quite simply - skate club will make you a better skater, and you’ll truly enjoy your time at skate club!

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Birthday Parties — Alien In-Line can provide an afternoon of games and activities for your child's Birthday Party. We will provide all the equipment along with an instructor who will facilitate the games and activities, providing for an exciting afternoon of in-line skating.

CampsRegister Now! Alien In-Line offers summer camps for kids built around the activity of in-line skating, as well as in-line instruction integrated with third party group camp activities during the summer months.

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Family Night Skates — Gather for a fun filled evening of in-line skating with your kids and other parents using Alien In-Line's great line of Rollerblade skates. Allow your kids to share what they've learned in their Alien In-Line program with you. Music and lights will be provided. Instruction is also available if desired.

Individual Programs/Lessons — Alien In-Line offers great ways to improve your in-line skating through lessons with our expert instructors. Personal 1on1 and small group lessons are offered at fixed times, dates and locations, weather permitting, and offer a variety of skills and activities that help develop in-line skating skills.

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Special Events — If you can dream it, there is a good chance we can find a way to provide it. Exciting experiences for everyone on in-line skates are possible. Contact us with your idea.

Speed Skating — Alien In-Line can also provide a skating experience on ice at the Calgary Olympic Oval. This activity includes a dry-land training session and two or three sessions where the students will actually skate using long track skates on the Oval's ice. It is well documented that there is a strong correlation between in-line skating and ice skating. This has proven to be a very popular activity for schools in and around Calgary.

Please phone (403) 262-4404 for more information about these exciting encounters or see our contact page.