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Alien In-Line was started in 1994 by four ice speed skaters that used in-line skating as a summer training method and had passion for teaching. In-line skating was booming across North America and everyone desired to learn how to do this exciting novel sport that offered a fun new way to move on wheels. At that time, Alien taught in some of Calgary's health clubs and fitness centres with its main cliental being recreational, fitness programs, and individual lessons.

In 1995, Mark Greenwald and Pat Seltsam, two of the original four founders, incorporated the company and together purchased the first fleet of school programs skates. Shortly afterward Alien began piloting programs in Calgary schools. Over the next fifteen years, under Pat Seltsam's entrepreneurial guidance and Mark Greenwald's teaching and programming skills, Alien prospered and grew into the largest organized school skating program in North America. Today, Alien In-Line teaches kids to skate in over 200 schools in Calgary and the province of Alberta reaching over 60,000 kids annually. Alien In-Line has also done pilot programs in Salt Lake City, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada.